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The Law Office of Ninh Ma is a client-focused family law firm that is dedicated to high-quality service and relentless representation. We desire nothing more than to help you through the divorce process as quickly as possible while providing the support and counsel that you need. We are relentless in the courtroom and will fight tirelessly for maximum results. Well-Versed in Illinois Family Laws

Divorce and Family Law: The Law Office of Ninh Ma is able to handle all types of divorces. We can help individuals who are dealing with contested divorces (in which the parties cannot agree on the divorce terms) and uncontested divorces (in which they are able to reach agreements outside of court).

Father’s Rights: In order to have and protect your fathers’ rights, you need to establish paternity. This can be done at the time of the child’s birth, through adoption, through presumption, or by filing a petition to establish paternity. Only then can you protect your rights to possession and access.

Parenting Time: Most divorces that involve children result in a joint conservatorship of some kind. As a result, a parenting time agreement will need to be drafted in order to determine how much time each parent spends with the child as well as establish the decision-making rights of each parent.

Child Custody: Divorce can be particularly difficult when children are involved. You need to protect the best interest of their children and maintain a level of conservatorship that allows you to be an active part of their lives as they grow older.

Relocation: If you have custody of your child and need to move away, but are under domicile restrictions, you will need to request a modification of your custody order. The Court will determine if the relocation is in the best interest of children and will also consider additional factors such as reason for moving and the affect it will have on the parties’ visitation rights.

Division of Property: For many couples, disputes regarding the division of assets are among the most contentious in the entire divorce process. If you and your spouse are not able to reach an agreement regarding your property, the court will rely on provisions in the law to determine the division of property. During the divorce process, you need an experienced divorce lawyer to fight for a fair division of your assets and debts. Otherwise, you could lose assets that are rightfully yours and end up with debts that you shouldn’t have to pay.

Business Valuations: Business valuations in Illinois rely on a detailed analysis of the business to determine its true value. Methods of business valuations may rely on the unique strengths of the business, its ability to create current or future income, and similar factors. A clear view of a family business’s value from an independent business valuation professional is essential for handling the business in an equitable fashion during the divorce.

Retirement Accounts: Retirement plans are usually one of the most valuable assets of a marriage.  Dividing retirement plans can be a fairly complex subject, especially when the plan either existed before the marriage or will continue to accrue benefits after the marriage.  However, since pension plans and other retirement plans can be quite valuable, it’s important to make sure your divorce attorney properly identifies and values the retirement assets.

Alimony: In Illinois, spousal maintenance is awarded based on many factors, including the length of the marriage, the age and health of both spouses, the financial needs of each spouse, and the ability of each spouse to pay support.

Divorce Modifications: Have you experienced a change in circumstance that affects your ability to comply with a divorce order? You have the right to request modification of the court order. This is necessary when you can no longer afford to pay support or when you need to move away.

Orders of Protection: In cases of abuse, one party may seek an Order of Protection from the other spouse. An Order of Protection is a legal order designed to prevent one person from abusing, harassing, or interfering with the personal liberty of another person. A petition for an Order of Protection may be made on emergency basis providing immediate relief to a party.

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